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Sep 8 • 1 minute read

The Primary Teeth - Dentist in Calgary AB - Calgary Dentist

We use the term ‘primary teeth’ when referring to the first teeth a child produces. They are often called ‘baby teeth’ but we feel the correct term is better for emphasizing their importance. These teeth are essential to the development of the mouth. Their function is to eventually help guide the permanent teeth into position. Until this happens, they act as a robust chewing surface until the child reaches 12 or 13. These primary teeth help form pillars which allows this growth to happen. 

The primary molars are perhaps the most essential for this process. They serve as a kind of ‘map’ for the permanent molars for when they come through the gums. These teeth are the main chewing surface. Their size and prominence in the mouth makes it important for them to come through aligned and properly spaced. If this does not happen, it can cause many complications further down the line. 

It is important for a child to visit the dentist at the very early stages of life, between six and twelve months. This is an ideal age for the first trip to the dentist. Calgary practice Westhill Dental Centre is here for that difficult first appointment but we aim to make the experience as smooth as possible. The earlier a child begins their dental visit, the more chance the dentist will have to find problems early and stop other issues from developing. 

Regular appointments at our Calgary family dentist can go a long way. We understand that children’s dentistry can be stressful for both patient and parents. We aim to create a comforting, professional atmosphere to make things a little easier. However, the best thing you can do to prevent future problems occurring and causing more discomfort is booking regular dental appointments. 

Contact us to request an appointment for your child today. 

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