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Here at Westhills Dental Care, we tailor our solutions to the individual patient right here in Calgary. Dentist procedures can be an anxious ordeal for some and we understand that. With this in mind, we aim to make sure our patients are comfortable and are given all the details about the treatments we provide. 

Some patients are sensitive to certain metals contained in amalgam fillings. These fillings are considered safe and although they contain mercury, they are made using a combination of metals to create a stable compound. There is some concern about the levels of mercury that a filling can expose someone too. The amount of mercury in an amalgam filling is not harmful and at a much lower level than would be in a fish for consumption.

With a long history of use, amalgam fillings have a proven track record of reliability. For some patients with allergies to certain metals or those simply wanting a filling that matches their natural teeth colour, there are alternatives. These could include composite resin bonding, porcelain and gold. Amalgam fillings last longer than composite resin, 10 to 15 years rather than 5 to 7. However, some patients prefer the look of the composite resin since it matches closer to the natural teeth colour

There is also less drilling required with these bonded fillings. Because it is a more flexible material, more of the original tooth can be used. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Calgary, come visit us at Westhills Dental Care. Our Calgary dentist team will ensure that you get all the necessary information on the amalgam-free options we have. The benefits and the downsides are all essential to convey, in our view, to give the patient a high level of quality dental care. Contact us today to discuss amalgam-free solutions for your teeth. 


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