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Cosmetic bonding involves using a tooth coloured resin that is adhered to your teeth and sculpted into its desirable shape. This tooth coloured resin is constructed of liquid acrylic and tiny particles of glass. This makes it highly durable, resistant to stains, and looks just like your natural teeth. 

Bonding can be implemented for a number of reasons, including:

•    To whiten stained teeth
•    To fix chipped teeth
•    To stabilize loose teeth
•    To fill in gaps

While bonding can improve your smile, it can’t restore teeth that are severely damaged. If the tooth is severely damaged or decayed, it may have to be restored with a dental crown.  

Because bonding leaves your tooth intact, it is quick and painless. In most cases, bonding can be completed in a single visit. However, one thing to note is that the composite bonding material doesn’t last as long as a normal crown. Over time, bonded restorations are more likely to chip or become stained- They usually last for approximately 5 years, but can last longer with proper care.

The Dental Bonding Process

Step 1. The tooth’s surface is etched with a mild acidic solution.
Step 2. The resin is applied to the tooth’s damaged (and sterilized) surface. 
Step 3. A specialized light hardens the resin, in place. 
Step 4. After the final coating has been applied and hardened, it is moulded and polished into its desired shape. 

Dental Veneers – Richmond Rd. SW and Sarcee Trail SW. Calgary, Alberta.

Dental veneers offer a quick and painless way to help you achieve a beautiful smile. Veneers are thin, tiny porcelain shells that are applied to a tooth’s surface to improve its appearance. This includes restoring teeth that are stained, uneven, chipped or have significant gaps in between them.

Veneers are highly durable and can last for up to 10 years, if properly taken care of. Having your veneers placed usually requires 2 dental visits. The first visit requires preparing your teeth for the veneers, which involves removing tiny amounts of enamel from your tooth. Impressions of your teeth will also be taken to create your customized veneers. You may have to avoid certain foods until your next visit because your teeth may be extra sensitive; however, you should continue flossing and brushing as usual. 

During your second visit, a local anesthetic may be administered, depending on how sensitive your teeth are. The veneers are then placed to your teeth with a specialized tooth coloured adhesive, which is hardened with a bonding light. Your veneers will be polished to give your new smile a lasting shine. A follow up evaluation is needed to ensure your veneers are properly placed.

To keep your veneers looking beautiful, it’s important that you take care of them as you would for your regular teeth. This includes brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding bad habits, such as nail biting. Also be careful of hard foods, since these can damage your veneers. 

If you would like to learn more about bonding and veneers, contact us at Westhills Dental Centre in Calgary or request an appointment.


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