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Gum disease, otherwise referred to as periodontal disease, can be difficult to spot. The symptoms may not be painful at first but they can be damaging to the gums in a significant way. This can affect the security of teeth in the mouth, since the gums should be growing around the teeth in order to secure them. Plaque does not affect just the teeth, it can develop below the gumline. This might cause an infection for which non-surgical treatments may be necessary. Our family dentist in Calgary will be able to advise and inform you of the methods we utilise here at Westhills Dental Care.

One procedure available at our Calgary dentist practice is curettage. This involves removing the infected gum tissue that has become inflamed. Removing this infected material will allow it to heal properly around the teeth. Root planing smoothes the surface of the root so harmful bacteria and other toxins cannot adhere. Smooth root surfaces make is much more difficult for tartar and plaque to develop which allows the gum to heal itself and amalgamate around the teeth, creating a firmly strong hold. 

Both of these procedures can take a few trips to the dentist in order to properly assess the progress of the gums and their response. After the treatments are completed, healing is observed closely and an assessment is made whether more work is required or a referral to a periodontist, a gum specialist. If there is a more escalated periodontal condition where bone loss could be a risk, then surgical intervention may be required.

If you feel any changes in your gum tissue or notice any discrepancies like unfamiliar spots or swelling then seek attention from your orthodontist. Our family dentist in Calgary is here for these types of cases and we aim to inform you as much as possible about the procedures we carry out. Patient education is important to us in order to best serve our patients and ensure that their oral health is maintained correctly after their visit to Westhills Dental Care. Click here to request an appointment today at our dentist in Calgary. 


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