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Here at Westhills Dental Care, we take patient’s health seriously. Our Calgary dentist practice adheres strictly to the guidelines set out by the Alberta Dental College & Association, as well as Alberta Health Services. These Infection Prevention and Control Policies are in place for public safety and we take pride in ensuring that our work meets the highest possible standards of sanitation. 

The process for sterilization is as follows:

  • Cleaning - The initial step is the removal of visible material from the surface of the instruments. This process is entirely separate from the disinfection, since the physical debris must be removed before sterilization can be effective. 
  • Disinfection - After cleaning, the surface needs to be treated to get rid of the pathogenic organisms. Bacterial spores may still remain after this process. It can be a chemical or physical method which will render the instrument safe for handling or disposal. 
  • Sterilization - This stage gets rid of all microbial forms of life. 

We have specialized equipment for disinfecting our instruments. This includes the Miele instrument washer, Assistena Lubricator, ultrasonic cleaner and a water distiller. We monitor and document the efficacy of these devices and undergo audits to ensure that we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

We also use a steam sterilizer such as the Midmark M11D and the Statim. These are used to sterilize our instruments. We take this process seriously; the sterility of these instruments are tested daily. Our dental surgeons use protective wear such as gloves and masks that are disposable to ensure contamination does not occur. 

If you have any questions about our sterilization process or are interested in the facilities we use, you can talk with your dental surgeon in Calgary. Dentist practice Westhills Dental Care is proud to serve our local community and provide a safe, sterile environment to carry out our procedures. 


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