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Veneers are available here at Westhills Dental Centre, Calgary. Dentist procedures such as veneers are intended for aesthetic purposes but they can also have restorative properties. If you have chipped, discoloured teeth then applying veneers may give the desired, uniform look for your smile. If our whitening technique would not improve the appearance of your teeth (perhaps due to the surface being damaged rather than just discoloured) then veneers might be a way to go. Veneers can also help solve the issues of gaps in teeth or crowding. The suitability of the options for cosmetic dentistry is something that you should discuss with a professional. Calgary dentist practice Westhills Dental Centre is here for you. 

Veneers may not always be suitable. When it comes to broken teeth, there needs to be enough room to place the veneers on. The amount of enamel that the existing teeth have is another concern for our Calgary dentist practice. There should be enough material to bond the veneers to the teeth in order for it to attach properly. Adequate room in the mouth is required so they do not feel or look crowded. Veneers can be extremely thin but the spacing for teeth might exclude veneers from being an option. Opposed to fillings or crowns, veneers will take up slightly more space. 

Some more reasons why veneers might not be right for everyone might be periodontal disease which affects the gums. This would need to be addressed before veneers can be considered. Another exclusion would be if a patient has issues with teeth-grinding or ‘bruxism’. This can break porcelain veneers. For the same reasons, patients must refrain from biting hard objects such as nails (the ones on the ends of your fingers but also the metal kind!). Veneers must be looked after like your natural teeth, with daily brushing and flossing to maintain them. 

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