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If you have discoloured or chipped teeth then you might find bonded fillings to be a suitable solution. Our Calgary dentist team at Westhills Dental Care is here to advise and guide you if you need a restorative procedure such as a bonded filling

One of the main benefits of a bonded filling (over an amalgam filling) are in the aesthetic. A bonded filling has a colour that more closely matches the natural shade of teeth. However, a bonded or ‘composite’ filling has on average a shorter lifespan than an amalgam filling. These resin fillings last around 5-7 years whereas amalgam fillings can last from 10-15 years. Resin fillings have the benefit of preserving the maximum amount of the tooth, since the material is very flexible to work with. 

The amalgam is made from a mercury alloy, meaning it is combined with other metals to create a stable compound. These kinds of fillings have been in use for over a century, so have a proven track record of reliability. Some people may be sensitive to the metals within but they are considered safe. It does expose patients to mercury but at such low levels that it is negligible. For example, the amount of mercury in fish outweighs that which a patient would be exposed to with an amalgam filling.

Composite resin fillings could be an answer if you have a cavity or even damaged teeth from wear and tear. Triggers for teeth grinding (also referred to as ‘bruxism’) can include stress, medication and consumption of alcohol and/or caffeine. Preventative care to reduce stress can benefit teeth in a significant way, so this might be something to consider if you require restorative work on your teeth due to this kind of action. 

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