Children's Dentistry

Compassionate Children's Dentistry in Calgary

You want your child to grow up healthy and strong, and their dental development is no exception. At Westhills Dental Centre, we provide dental services for children in Calgary families to help your little ones protect their smile. Our dentists can deliver age-appropriate dental care for infants, children, and teenagers. We also educate children and their parents about their oral health needs and how to maintain excellent oral health.

Our general dentists know how to interact with children and make them comfortable during dental treatment. We pride ourselves on our approachable manner and child-friendly services, caring for every child individually with tailored treatments. Our team also offers complementary happy visits to help your child get used to sitting in a dental chair. Contact our dental office to give your child the reliable dental care they need for a lifetime of healthy smiles!


Reliable Dental Care for Children of All Ages

Our dentists are committed to providing dental services for children with dental development or oral health problems from infancy through the teenage years. We have the qualifications and experience to care for a child's gums, teeth, and mouth during the different childhood stages. Our team can also handle damage sustained to gums or teeth following an accident and help children with complex issues.

At Westhills Dental Centre, our seasoned dentists create a comfortable and safe environment that makes every child's visit fun and educational. We strive to guarantee a positive experience and beautiful, healthy smiles for young patients, regardless of age. You can trust that our team will provide a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan that suits your child's dental needs. We strive to build long-term relationships with our young patients to maintain excellent dental health as they grow up.

Why Should Your Child See Our Dental Team?

dental services for childrenOur general dentists have training and experience that gives them in-depth knowledge about the healthy development of children's smiles. We will give your child the attention required to enjoy and maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Our dentists will examine and evaluate your child's gums, jaws, and teeth to check for any problems. Routine care helps us detect an issue before it starts causing discomfort or long-term difficulties the child. Visiting a dentist twice yearly for checkups and cleanings can help prevent common issues like gum disease and dental caries. This is important because children are more prone to tooth decay since they consume lots of sugary foods and have a thinner enamel layer than adult teeth.

Routine visits also promote a positive attitude towards the child's good oral hygiene practices that they will maintain even in adulthood. Although dental office visits can be initially challenging for your child, with time, they'll feel more comfortable and can even start enjoying their dental visits. Our dentists are very accommodating and gentle with your child, which will help to reduce their dental anxiety.

Our Comprehensive Dental Services for Children

The Westhills Dental Centre team offers a wide range of pediatric dentistry to cater to the needs of every growing child. Our team strives to be a one-stop shop that addresses all your child's dental needs and desires. Some of the dental treatments that we offer include:

Oral Hygiene Education: Our dentists will analyze your child's gums, teeth, and jaws to understand their oral health condition. Based on their findings, they will use this information to educate children and parents on the importance of maintaining a healthy smile through regular brushing and flossing. We'll also help them learn proper techniques so that they can form good dental habits that will stay with them as they grow. Our dentists deal with children from as early as six months and will provide complimentary happy visits to help your child get used to the dentist's chair.

Preventive Pediatric Dental Care: Prevention is always the best action against dental problems in children. Our dentists at Westhills Dental Centre strive to prevent dental issues before they happen. By preventing these dental problems early on, your child or teen will enjoy healthier and stronger teeth and spend less time in our dental office. We offer preventive pediatric treatments like dental examinations and cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants. Our dental office also offers sports guards and supports the local hockey associations by providing a complimentary sports guard for kid players each season.

Restorative Pediatric Dentistry Services: Children may experience tooth decay, infection, and other dental issues. Our children's dentistry team will offer suitable restorative treatments that help reclaim your child's smile within the shortest time possible. Some of the restorative procedures we offer include dental crowns, tooth-colored fillings, pulpotomies, and tooth extractions. Our dentists can also provide frenectomies using laser treatment for babies or children with a tongue-tie.

Orthodontic Treatments: Our practice provides Invisalign treatment for responsible teenagers who want to eliminate crooked or misaligned teeth and correct bite issues. Our Invisalign clear braces are discreet, comfortable, and efficient.

Friendly Children's Dentistry in Calgary

At Westhills Dental Centre, we understand that the wellness and health of your child's teeth are a priority. That is why we provide pediatric dental services to children in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our dentists specialize in making your child's visit to our dental clinic something they will always look forward to. We are committed to making your child feel valued and special during each office visit.

With our flexible working hours, we can accommodate the needs of busy families and offer affordable dental plans. If you need pediatric dentistry, you can trust our dentists to help your child achieve good oral health. Contact our Calgary office today to set up your initial appointment!



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